Purchasing a new iPhone isn't affordable. Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 launch has pushed the cost of several great older versions like the iPhone 6, then it's still true that you might be searching for more affordable alternatives.

Purchasing a secondhand iPhone could be somewhat tricky. Sure, it will most likely save you a bit of money. However, there are some common pitfalls which you're able to avoid. Do not worry; iMore is here to give you a hand with these useful tips.


  • Contemplate your retail alternatives
  • Make Certain that the iPhone will use your provider
  • Check to Find out if your iPhone's Activation Lock is disabled
  • Assess the iPhone harm
  • Safeguard your buy
  • Contemplate your retail Choices
  • Believe it or not, you've some alternatives for buying a used iPhone. It is probably tempting to leap eBay -- or perhaps Craigslist -- and also buy the cheapest one you can find, however until you do this, look at going via a respectable secondhand trader.

Purchasing via a Respectable used iPhone trader

Gazelle is most likely among the most trustworthy secondhand phone traders on the market. All these iPhones they market undergo a 30-point review, meaning they're licensed to be in working order so you will not be purchasing a brick. Additionally, Gazelle also provides you additional valuable information, such as if not the iPhone is secured to a specific provider, and it supplies you with a return coverage.

Nunutz is just another respectable platform for purchasing used iPhones that allows you to view images of this phone. Therefore there should be no surprises in regards to its ailment.

Purchasing from a trusted source such as Gazelle or Nunutz has its drawbacks. If you're trying to find an excellent version, you might be unable to discover this, and should you find the one that you prefer, it will probably be far more costly than something you'll be able to see on eBay.

Be Sure the iPhone will use your carrier

Whether you are purchasing via an agency or by a personal source, you want to be aware of whether the iPhone is secured to a particular carrier. Locked phones can't always be readily changed on between carriers.

By way of instance, if you are a T-Mobile client as well as the iPhone you are looking to buy is secured to AT&T, then you'll have to receive it unlocked before you may use it upon the T-Mobile network.

Apparently, you can get used iPhones which are already unlocked, so saving you the bother of doing it all yourself. Unlocked phones will operate with any provider's SIM cards, which means you don't ever need to fret about getting support.

If you are buying utilized, I recommend you to look at unlocked iPhones to spare yourself some anxiety; nevertheless, I understand that occasionally purchasing a locked iPhone could be the better bargain. If that is true, be sure you research whether the telephone can be used with the provider you need, and be confident to understand how to unlock the iPhone in the front carrier.

Could I utilize an old iPhone with my carrier?

Should you get a used iPhone that is Activation Locked--password protected somebody else's iCloud accounts--it is like worthless to you.

If you are purchasing from a private resource, create this vendor confirms they've disabled the lock. Even better, convince them to entirely erase all of the information on the iPhone too, that way you will not have the ability to get their data. Security for those involved.

Assess the iPhone harm

This might look to be a distinct hint, but do not underestimate its significance. If You've Got the Opportunity to Check out the phone yourself before purchasing it, then here are some things you should Search for:

  • Cosmetic damage like scratches and scratches
  • Speaker issues: Perform some sound and be confident it seems obvious.
  • Water harm: Assess within the SIM card slot using a flashlight to find out whether white decal has turned pink or red.
  • In addition to searching for harm, ask the vendor if they bought AppleCare since that may be transferred to you. It requires a tiny bit of work on the vendor's role, but should they care for giving off the telephone, they ought to take action. Apple includes a vague outline for the best way to transfer possession of AppleCare.

Guard your purchase

Just like any buy online, you will need to take steps to shield yourself. If you are purchasing from sources such as eBay, check the comments on the vendor and be sure that there aren't any red flags.

If you visit a lot of unique people mad with their purchases, then do not buy from this vendor. Additionally, look at using PayPal so you will qualify to their buy protection program, which means that you may get your cash back should something's wrong with this solution or heaven forbid -- you won't get your iPhone.

Do not overlook financial protection also. Take necessary measures to keep your data from being stolen. Employing digital amounts, two-factor authentication, or perhaps new privacy solutions to guard your financing is highly recommended and very prudent in personal sales scenarios.

Have you purchased a used iPhone before?
Have you got some strategies for buying a secondhand iPhone? We would like to hear them leave a comment below!


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